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Norman County
In the Heart of the Red River Valley

Prairie Chicken Observation Blind

Reserve Twin Valley, Minnesota
Free!!  Blinds Available April 1 to June 1

Two Blinds Available:

Blind A:

  • This Blind is recommended for people who can enjoy a 1/4 mile walk through a wet prairie early in the morning.
  • This Blind is located on public DNR land next to the booming ground

Things Needed:

  • Knee high rubber boots
  • Flashlight to follow blue reflectors to blind location before sunrise.
  • Cameras and video cameras are recommended.

Blind B:

  • This Blind is available to handicapped individuals and senior citizens.
  • Located on private property next to an Alfalfa field
  • Visitors can be driven to Blind, weather permitting.
  • Driver needs to park vehicle in designated area next to the road.
  • It is recommended to be in the Blind well before sunrise so the vehicle does not interfere with the birds coming to the booming ground.

Things Needed:

  • Cameras and video cameras are recommended.

Call today to make your reservations.

For reservations contact:  Twin Valley Heritage and Art Center, 100 First St NE, PO Box 321, Twin Valley MN 56584, (218) 584-5658.

Blinds Provided by:  Minnesota Prairie Chicken Society, 14583 Co Hwy 19, Detroit Lakes MN 56501

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