Norman County

In the Heart of the Red River Valley

Norman County Departments


Responsible for the assessment of 8,500 parcels or real, personal, and exempt property in Norman County.

Auditor/ Treasurer

County budgets, payroll & annual financial statements, cash management, property taxes, property conveyances, voter registration & elections, county drainage ditches, county liquor, beer, wine, auctioneer, fireworks, transient merchant, and precious metal licenses

County Attorney

Chief prosecutor for all adult felony crimes committed anywhere within Norman County, and also prosecutes gross misdemeanor, misdemeanor, and petty misdemeanor crimes which occur outside city limits, and prosecutes all juvenile offenders regardless of where the offense occurs within the county

Court Administrator

Maintains case records for civil, family, probate, traffic, criminal, juvenile, and conciliation court

Environmental Services

Implements, and maintains an efficient Planning & Zoning Program to include education, enforcement, and keep Norman County current in all areas of this Program; maintains an efficient solid waste program to include education, recycling, and disposal of all solid waste; provides effective Emergency management of disasters, emergencies, and hazards.

Feedlot Officer

Work with livestock producers to issue permits, register feedlots and do on-site investigations of feedlots in Norman County as delegated by the State of Minnesota.

Motor Vehicle Division



Land records, real estate fees, uniform commercial code filing, central notification system (CNS), state & federal tax liens, other misc. liens, military discharges, birth records, death records, marriage certificates

University of Minnesota Extension

The Norman County Extension is creating a stronger county through education and research. University of Minnesota Extension discovers science-based solutions, delivers practical education, and engages residents of Norman County to build a better future. The mission of Norman County Extension is to make a difference by connecting community needs and University resources to address critical issues in Norman County.

Veteran's Office

Assist veterans and their families with: recently discharged veterans, education benefits, disabled benefits, home loan guarantee, death, health benefits, financial assistance, and other services