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Norman County
In the Heart of the Red River Valley

Norman County Feedlot Officer
Courtney Habedank

Norman County SWCD
100 Main Ave E
Twin Valley MN 56584
218 584-5169


Description of Duties:

Work with livestock producers to issue permits, register feedlots and do on-site investigations of feedlots in Norman County as delegated by the state of Minnesota.

Provide assistance to feedlot owners to maintain compliance with state rules.  Supply permit and registration forms and assist in completing them.  To review completed application forms and conduct inspections as necessary to determine whether the proposed animal feedlot will comply with state rules, regulations and local ordinances.  Issue Certificates of Compliance and maintain records of correspondence, registration, permits and complaints involving feedlots in Norman County.  The Legislature provides funds to counties to implement state feedlot regulations and that the amount is primarily based on the number of feedlots in the county.  Please contact the county feedlot officer if there is any interest in additional details.

The posted reports show the amount and kind of work that was done as well as the cost to perform the work.

Attached Document or File2018-2019 Feedlot Workplan  

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