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Norman County
In the Heart of the Red River Valley


Jerilyn Swenson, County Engineer

Bob Ramstad, Superintendent of County Infrastructure

Dan Blasey, Assistant Maintenance Foreman

Justin Wilhelm, Sign Technician

Liz Vaughn, Accountant

Annette Ruebke, Accounting Technician

Aaron Stene, Shop Foreman

Dan Hayden, Engineering Technician

Gary Jandt, Engineering Technician

Jim Ramstad, Engineering Technician

Jimmy Thompson, Heavy Equipment Operator

Wayne Gwin, Heavy Equipment Operator

Bruce Dougan, Heavy Equipment Operator

Kim Gwin, Heavy Equipment Operator

Brad Jensen, Maintenance Technician

Brian Hall, Maintenance Technician

Ricky Crane, Maintenance Technician

Tim Netland, Maintenance Technician

Jeff Hukriede, Maintenance Technician

Bryan Mickelson, Maintenance Technician

Dennis Qualley, Maintenance Technician


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