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Norman County
In the Heart of the Red River Valley

Norman County

Norman County has an approximate land area of 566,500 acres. It has 24 legal townships and nine towns and villages. The county is 24 miles wide and approximately 37 miles long from east to west.


Norman County is located in the Red River Valley of Minnesota, one of the great farming regions of the world. To the east it is bounded by Mahnomen County, to the south by Clay County, and to the north by Polk. The western boundary is formed by the Red River of the North. The county is made up of twenty-four townships.

The Norman County seat, Ada, located near the center of the county is 266 miles Northwest of Minneapolis. 



Borup is located in Winchester Township on Section 16. Borup was named in honor of Charles William Wolff Borup, a native of Denmark, who came to St. Paul in 1848, and established a banking house there in 1854, the first such in Minnesota. 


The town of Flom, Minnesota, is located on the southeast corner of Norman County.  This is an unincorporated town, and ran by the Township.


"Get Out & Play in Gary!"

Gary is located in the central part of Strand Township. 
Gary Website


Perley is located in the southwest corner of Norman County.  The Red River of the North lies about one mile west of town. Business in Perley is centered around agriculture.


Shelly was incorporated as a village on July 29, 1902. 


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