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Blood Lead Testing

Too much lead can harm both children and adults. No one knows exactly how much lead it takes to cause health problems. Many timeschildhoodleadex_Web there are no symptoms until the health problems are very serious. Usually people who are lead poisoned do not seem to be sick.

Lead poisoning can cause learning, behavior and health problems in young children. Lead can cause high blood pressure and kidney damage in adults.

Which children need to be tested?

MDH Brochure - Childhood Lead Exposure

A yearly blood lead test is advised for children up to six years of age who:

live, play, or spend time in older housing (built before 1978) with chipping or peeling paint;
live, play, or spend time in older housing (built before 1978) with recent or ongoing remodeling;
have brothers, sisters, housemates or playmates with moderate or high blood lead levels;
live near a roadway with heavy traffic or a business where lead is used;
live with an adult who works in a job or has a hobby where lead is used

Norman-Mahnomen Public Health (NMPH) offers free or low cost lead testing depending on insurance eligibility. Please call NMPH for questions or to make an appointment.

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