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Immunizations are important for both children and adults.
They not only protect the person who is vaccinated, but also keeps everyone healthier.

Why Immunize?
Children start getting Immunizations just after they are born so their body can start building immunity to dangerous diseases. The vaccines given to babies contains germs, but they are weakened so the child doesn't get ill. The weakened germs is why more than one dose of some vaccines is needed. Children need to build up enough antibodies from the vaccines to be able to fight off disease.

Immunization Records

Keeping up to date immunization records for your family is important. You will need your child's immunization information to register them for child care, school, camps and other activities. Scott County Public Health can provide immunization records and answer any questions you have about vaccines.

For information, please contact us at 218-784-5425 or 218-935-2527.

Other Immunization Resources