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Protection from Insects

There are a variety of diseases that may be spread by mosquitoes. It is always advisable to take preventive measures to protect yourself. For more information about mosquito borne diseases and protecting yourself go to: Minnesota Department of Health | Mosquitoborne Diseases

A variety of diseases may be spread by ticks in Minnesota. The majority of tick-transmitted diseases result from the bite of an infected blacklegged tick (also known as the deer tick). Protecting yourself from ticks is very important. For more information about specific tickborne diseases and protecting yourself go to: Minnesota Department of Health | Tickborne Diseases

Bed Bugs
Bed bugs are parasites that feed on humans, using their blood to grow and reproduce. Bed bugs also feed on animals, including dogs, cats and other pets. People can be bitten without realizing it. Bite reactions vary from no reaction to mild (a red spot) to severe (rash or hives).

If you suspect bed bugs may be infesting your home call the Minnesota Bed Bug Hotline:
612-624-2200 or 1-855-644-2200.

For more information about Bed Bugs go to: University of Minnesota Extension | Bed Bugs

Head Lice
Head lice are tiny insects that make their home in human hair. Anyone can get head lice, it is fairly common in school-age children, and most commonly head lice are spread through direct head-to-head contact. They may also be spread by sharing personal items with an infected person, such as combs, hair ties, hats and pillows.

For more information about Head Lice, including how to identify, treat, and clean up, go to: Minnesota Department of Health | Head Lice