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Agricultural Inspector

Norman County SWCD
Emily Knutson, Ag Inspector
100 Main Ave E
Twin Valley MN 56584

Each County Board of Commissioners is required in Minnesota Statute 18.80 to appoint one or more County Agricultural Inspector to provide regulation of seeds, noxious weeds, screenings, and to assist in the regulation of pesticides, fertilizers, feeds and insect pests.  The regulatory effort by this position provides protective and educational service to the public and regulated industries with the end result of protecting the public health, the environment, and the consumer. These regulatory responsibilities are assigned to the County Agricultural Inspector position by Minnesota Statute 18.81.  The position is designed to be permanent and for full or part-time employment since it requires expertise that is provided through extensive training and experience.

Position maintains working relationships with:

  • Farmers
  • Non-farm landowners
  • Public officials in charge of public lands
  • Railroad and utility officials
  • Township supervisors
  • City mayors
  • Assistant weed inspectors
  • Agricultural businesses
  • Other businesses selling agricultural products
  • Consumers
  • M.D.A. Staff
  • Board of County Commissioners
  • County Attorney, Sheriff and Extension Staff

The Agricultural Inspector:

  • Takes seed and fertilizer samples for farmers and seed houses.
  • Assists people with weed and grasshopper problems.
  • Enforces weed and grasshopper law. 

Principle Responsibilities:

  1. To plan, implement, and supervisor, the operation of a county noxious weed control program through the enforcement of the Minnesota Noxious Weed Law so that public health, public roads, crops, livestock and other property are protected from the injurious effects of noxious weeds.
  2. To provide regulatory service to growers, conditioners, distributors, and users of seeds offered for sale are properly and accurately labeled whereby they can contribute to increased agricultural production.
  3. To provide regulatory service to producers and users of screenings so that weed seeds are devitalized properly and thereby preventing the spread of undesirable weed seeds through livestock and poultry feeds.
  4. To participate, upon request of the Commissioner of Agriculture, in providing regulatory service to users and sellers of pesticides so that such products are used in an effective, legal, and safe manner by properly trained and/or licensed individuals.
  5. To participate upon request of the commissioner of Agriculture, in providing regulatory service to producers, distributors, and users of commercial feeds and/or fertilizers through a sampling program so that label claims for these products are accurate and the products are of sufficient quality to be used safely and effectively by consumers.
  6. To assist the Agronomy Regulatory Investigator in providing regulatory and/or technical service in other related program areas when requested to do so and if approved by the County Board of Commissioners.
  7. To plan, conduct and attend meetings deemed necessary by the Commissioner of Agriculture for the education and discussion of noxious weed and seed law enforcement.
  8. To complete and submit such reports as are required by the Commissioner of Agriculture or the county board of commissioners so that a record of the activities of each county agricultural inspector is available for review.